To create a fresco that was never seen before, firstly we created a technique that was never seen before


Mentre lavoravamo all'affresco abbiamo immaginato quanto sarebbe stato bello poterlo ricreare con la tecnica del "buon fresco" mantenendo la fedeltà dell'immagine originale. Due situazione apparenemente contrastanti ma, grazie alla nostra tecnologia proprietaria, la PICTOGRAFIA, si è reso possibile.

L'affresco, per sua natura, deve avere una lavorazione veloce.
E' quindi tecnicamente impossibile realizzare due affreschi uguali con la tecnica del "buon fresco".

In questo caso la pictografia offre un compromesso perfetto:

infatti il pigmento viene depositato a fresco così da ottenere un'immagine uniforme e non diversa nelle caratteristiche ad un dipinto a mano, con una qualità estetica uguale all'originale.

Che sia un'opera antica, opure moderna, seguendo le regole dettate dalla tecnica, abbiamo garanzia di un risultato certo.

Few elements, all of them combined together


Fresco is made up only of lime and sand. then, It is reinforced by a special net that allows it to be transported, It contains nor glue or industrial chemical elements.



To add to the quality the fresco material is very thick.


This protect against sudden temperatures changes or excess humidity.

We add little water into the lime to create slaked lime.


The colors are then freshly poured into the plaster, which has a curing process from 3 to 7 years. The slaked lime, in Italian “grassello,” is the part of the lime that has been transformed by adding water to the quick lime This process allows salts and alkalis to dissolve to make this material ready as a base for the “grassello” itself. By doing this, even in challenging environments we stabilize and fix the colours.

The Colors. Inspired by Mother Nature, are 100 % natural.


The use of color-based oxide, freshly poured in a slaked lime base and aged for three years , offers incredible levels of realism and it makes it look as if the fresco was painted from 500 to 2000 years ago.


Retouched one by one, every piece is unique.


Keeping an eye on every piece , our skilled artisans support each other in creating the highest quality of craftsmanship and art , thanks to the continuing studies in our workshop of art.


Relief and chiseling are historically significant processes


Relief on fresco is executed with both natural plaster and natural glue, poured when they are warm and subsequently gilded with the leaf application Special chisels are used to engrave the lime with support to prevent sagging .

Spessore affresco