Art in Shops

"...their reproductions of famous frescos dear to the Universal History , are stylish , elegant and trustworthy. In all the artworks coming out from Bottega Tifernate of Città di Castello there is a taste of a unique  ancient knowhow in handcrafting, a reflection of a deep love for the evidence of our past civilisation..."


Antonio Paolucci, a proposito degli affreschi

riprodotti per i bookshop dei Musei Vaticani.


Art in Shops

Pictography, accessible to everyone

Art in shop: this is the easiest way to show the result of all our researches, to the general public. When in the year 2000 we have been required to sell “pictographs” inside the Museums in Florence, especially inside the Uffizi Gallery and the Pitti Palace, we were still not producing small size reproductions for the large consumer public. At the time we were working only on paintings on demand, and on complex big projects inside hotels, villas, etc, The importance of the request , pushed us to study further the possibility to realize small scale paintings to which we had to guarantee the same great quality of the big size works. Whether in creating small frescos for ornament, or big paintings , Bottega Tifernate guarantee the same quality and the same attention to details, colors and materials. .

Our signatures on all our works

A creation by Bottega Tifernate has contains within itself the best made in Italy

Where we put our signature on, it is where there is a working method and a use of materials with a unique common denominator “Artisan work”.

Although it is a hard and difficult choice to be carried out , we know it is the only possible one. To recreate a fresco with a detail of the Sistine Chapel , or another one with a small part of Giotto’s Scrovegni Chapel to sell in the book shop of the Vatican Museums ,is giving us the chance to collaborate with the most important Museums in the world. To have established a direct relationship with them , has given us the great opportunity to be able to study most of the artworks we are requested to reproduce. Leonardo, Raphael, but also Monet or Van Gogh, they are all accessible to our team that can study all the details not otherwise visible in a simple photo. Another very important sector are the religious articles, where customers may decide to realize any kind of work for their important event (wedding, communion, baptism). From the small object to the big wall painting, Bottega Tifernate can make every customer’s desire come true. Our strength is the maximum customization with the best quality of our exclusive reproductions. A work coming out from Bottega Tifernate is designed to endure for a long time.