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The Raphael year celebrations begin with the masterpiece of his master, the Perugino, broadcast worldwide.

The big Altarpiece of the "Resurrection" of the Perugino

The deep link between great art, the land of St. Francis and history There is a deep and intense connection between Umbra, the land where Bottega Tifernate is born and lives, and the biggest of all times. A bond that is nourished by the landscapes, the beauty, the quiet and the good temperament and humanity […]



Salus Populi Romani is a very ancient and  fragile artwork, for this reason the work was restored a short time ago under the direction of the director of the Museums Barbara Jatta.In a recent meeting, Dr. Jatta asked to  Bottega to establish the possibility on the possible reproduction of the artwork “in a workmanlike manner” […]

The prefect of Perugia visits the Bottega Tifernate

In the footsteps of the media attention for the recent delivery to Pope Francis of a copy identical to the original of the “White Crucifixion” by Marc Chagall, the prefect of Perugia Michele Sgaraglia visited the Bottega Tifernate, with the curiosity of knowing the Pictografia techniques used to recreate the greatest masterpieces in art history. […]

The “Tondo Doni” painted by the Bottega Tifernate

On the trailer you can see the “Tondo Doni” created by Bottega Tifernate for a curious episode during the delivery of the painting to the Doni family of Florence that committed this artwork to Michelangelo Buonarroti.   MICHELANGELO – INFINITO | Tondo Doni | Trailer by the movie with Enrico Lo Verso e and Ivano Marescotti

Catalogue 2016

    Siamo felici di annunciarvi il nuovo CATALOGO 2016 con le immagini e gli articoli di maggior successo. Un lavoro importante, frutto dell’esperienza maturata studiando le opere originali. Esso racchiude molte opere classiche e moderne interpretate su Affresco, Tela e Tavola, esempio di sapiente lavorazione Made in Italy. Da questo momento, è possibile fare il […]