Canvas in Pictography

  To create an original effect you need to use original materials

Since our first experiments we realized that to recreate the very essence of a work of art , we needed to use a hand-woven linen cloth. Not only that: we had to spread a mixture composed of only natural elements. We were helped by an antique recipe handed down by generations to date. The marriage of these elements combined with an appropriate procedure gave birth to the Pictography on canvas.

An exceptional result:

high purity colours and a visual impact that makes the canvas as if it was just coming out from a Renaissance workshop.


Finely handcrafted. Whole Linen.

   We use properly prepared linen canvas to maintain a tight stretch, enhancing permanence through dimensional stability

The “Imprimatura” or toning the canvas, an excellent base for a painting close to perfection

Gesso is needed for the brush to slide smoothly on canvas but has also an isolation purpose to avoid colors to deteriorate the texture of canvas. The use of gesso and natural glue, following the classic recipes of ‘400, it is the best solution to guarantee the perfect conditions.




Solid wood frame.


Every canvas is mounted on a solid wood frame to guarantee the seal overtime, also against sagging or slack due to temperature changing and humidity




Oil colours : to recreate the original chromaticism.

Oil paints on canvas result in a bright, full body, depth image which is impossible to obtain with any other type of paint

But this would be only a futile exercise if we were not capable to unravel the secrets of the original painting

To work with the major Museums in the world give us direct access to the original artworks. For every painting we try to grasp its essence, its characteristics that made it so important and we then recreate the same in our workshop.

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