To create a fresco we’ve never seen before, we’ve created a technique we’ve never seen before.  

While working on the fresco we imagined how beautiful it would be to be able to recreate it with the technique of “good cool” while maintaining the fidelity of the original image. Two seemingly conflicting situations but, thanks to our proprietary technology, PICTOGRAFIA, it has become possible. The fresco, by its nature, must have fast processing.
It is therefore technically impossible to make two frescoes the same with the technique of “buon fresco”. In this case the pictography offers a perfect compromise: in fact the pigment is deposited fresh so as to obtain a uniform image and not different in characteristics to a hand painting, with an aesthetic quality equal to the original. Whether it is an ancient or modern work, following the rules dictated by technology, we have a guarantee of a certain result.

Few elements, combined together.

Only slaked lime and sand make up the base for the fresco. Reinforced with a special installment that allows transport, it is also free of adhesives or industrial chemical elements.



For a thick fresco, we have created a large thickness fresco.

The fresco is made with a thickness of 12mm so as to make it immune to damage due to sudden changes in temperature or in cases of excessive humidity.

The lime goes out, the lime flower is born.

The color is deposited freshly, in a base of “lime flower”, the result of a maturing process that lasts from three to seven years. The greasy, this is its name, is the part that emerges from the transformation of quicklime into slaked lime. This transformation causes the salts and alkali present to dissolve so as to make this material inert and usable as the basis for the greasy itself. In this way, even in unfavorable environmental conditions, you have the security of color stability.


The colors. Inspired by nature. 100% natural.

The use of oxide-based colors, deposited fresh in a three-year-old aged lime fjord base, offers unthinkable levels of realism and makes the fresco look as if it had been painted 500 or 2000 years ago.

Retouched one by one, equal to each other.

The retouching is carried out on every single piece but we still manage to maintain a very high aesthetic standard thanks to the skilful mastery of skilled artists who have trained in our workshop.

The relief and the chisel. Only historical proceedings.

The relief on the fresco is made with natural chalk and glue, hot cast and then golden in leaf.
Chiseling is carried out with special bulini that allow to “chisel” the lime without giving way to the support.


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