Painting table

It retraces the oldest history of art.

It reminds us of older times and creates a very impressive visual impact.

Until 1500 canvas was only used in rare cases when it was glued to the wood table. All the greatest artworks in the medieval age, think about Duccio da Boninsegna, or Giotto, were executed on wood. To create a table with the antique flavor, we have decided to study in depth the work of Leonardo da Vinci .




  We use only seasoned wood. Resonance is a question of time .


For a long lasting work, you need an important support. We only use the best of wood well dried and thick enough for the painting’s size.




The” Imprimatura” or toning the canvas, an excellent base for a painting close to perfection


Gesso is needed for the brush to slide smoothly on canvas but has also an isolation purpose to avoid colors to deteriorate the texture of canvas. The use of gesso and natural glue, following the classic recipes of ‘400, it is the best solution to guarantee the perfect conditions.




  Oil colours: to recreate the original chromaticism


Oil paints on canvas result in a bright, full body, depth image which it is impossible to obtain with any other type of paint .



Comparing counts. Even for the Painting Table.

We need to continuously study the paintings inside the museums and to compare them with our own creations. Only by doing this we hope we might transfer to the viewer the same kind of reaction he gets in front of the original one.



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