What do we do

Memory retrieval

This is our first Mission  

The technique was developed in order to offer a scientific solution, unheard of, in the field of the artistic reproductions. The objective, resulting from our research is

"the exact recreation of any painting bearing the same esthetic qualities and the same time duration of the original one"

All of this, in the attempt to be useful in preserving the memory of artworks made in the past that are facing danger of conservation, which are sometimes disappearing during the course of the centuries or being stolen or under restoration; Simply we wanted to offer an instrument to help renewing the artistic and historic memory of our Country.

To better understand, this concept, we can be helped by the historical approach of Salvatore Settis, Archeologist and Art Historian ,who affirms that the importance to "produce copies it is that , in the future , we will still be able to benefit of their presence when the originals will be, for some reasons, gone forever. ".

With the advance of technology, we can now save the heritage, the culture and the knowledge of the world.

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Interior Design

To complete the décor, a beautiful image makes the difference

Bottega Tifernate are happy to make themselves available and use their expertise to realize projects of any kind. Not only for reproductions but also for original paintings on commission. Our team is formed by craftsman artists painters, drawers, engravers, carvers, carpenters, all able to realize in full autonomy every cycle of the work, from the first artistic idea until the final installation of the art piece

If, for example, in a villa, we were asked to paint the ceiling of the living room, we could at the same time create canvas and wood tables for the walls, creating in that way a harmonic ambience throughout the house. We could realize the work in our workshop and subsequently apply it to your walls, ceilings, colons, niches, vaults,. The result will be stunning and the people entering your house will be amazed.


Assets for the Community

The possibility to restore a Museum Collection as it was originally, puts the viewer inside an exact time dimension and that allows him to understand the artistic history and the thought of a bygone era. Unfortunately our Country was plundered and robbed of its artistic heritage so many times. These works of art through their highly developed expressive power were able to describe the life of that time, the thought but also the path of the Church or of the noble families that were central in the Italian history and sometimes were crucial in the European scene. To better understand, it is important recalling that only in the Marche Region , about 2200 works disappeared form where they were originally placed. Or we can also think about the caves of Lascaux, located in France, with wall paintings dating back to 17000 years ago, they thought they could last forever and now at risk of disappearing. Without a good copy of them, today we would not know what was painted in the “Sistine Chapel of the ancient world”


"Pictography helps the world of Art, since it allows to the combination of different works from around the world in one single room, allowing academics to examine them all at once".

  This sentence, pronounced by the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi, helps more than anything else to explain the first objective of our work. He was declaring that in front of the works we recreated for i ”Camerini del Principe" in the Castle of Estense in Ferrara.

University and Foundations

Al servizio della ricerca 

Pictography’s reproductions may be made to be used in the Universities for scientific and educational purposes . The realization by pictography of an artwork or of an entire collection may be used as a witness to a series of studies or research as associated with an author, or with an artistic movement. Let’s think for a moment about the “wedding of Cana” by the Veronese, a pioneering project funded by Fondazione Cini , realized by Adam Lowe of Factum Arte. Thanks to the technology used by Factum Arte Team, a perfect copy of the painting has been placed to its original location in Venice. It could have not been possible to do with the original painting because the cuts and the transfer by boat to France in 1797 had forced the French restorers to “stretch” the painting so much that today it would not fit on the same wall it was thought for. The use of private funds for these kind of projects allows to deliver to posterity traces of human history.

Paintings with Museum’s high quality

If the eye does not perceive any difference, only then our work is called successful

“Museum Painting’ for us means a reproduction identical to the original one, for its esthetic and for its content, where it s not possible to perceive the difference, even to the most exact comparison. Our professionalism is required by Museums or Private Collections that cannot exhibit the original work. When an original work exists, with our team we take close photographic shots, we make use of the laser scan, and thanks to the contribution to the restorations’ results (if there are any needed ), we are able to recreate it by using the same methods, colors and materials and all accompanied by photographic documentation and ESPI Certification. In order to obtain best results, it is appropriate to try to conceive part of the work in front of the original; when this is not possible, recent advance technologies help us greatly. Very often we need in fact to recreate stolen artwork or works that are part of private collections and cannot be accessible: Our work, made it harder in this scenario had any how excellent results.


There are limits. We can try to give our contribution

Visited every year by 400.000 people, but with requests in excess of 1.000.000, Last Supper in the Refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, is one of the most famous Italian artworks in the world. This is one of those cases where not all the people who reach a place can benefit of all the beauties that the place can offer. Bottega Tifernate with its work team , can realize in a relatively short time, very complex projects based just on one art’s idea or on the realization of the full work of an artist’s life. From the first photo shoot to the full realization of the paining, on canvas, fresco, or wood , the whole process is realized in full autonomy . Imagine for a minute seeing an exact replica , with all the most minute details of the Cenacle of Leonardo, imagine that you can see it from a real close perspective, to enjoy an esthetic effect like the one from the original fresco. Of course it is not the original, but it allows to have a closer look to all the fine work done by the artist in a never seen before approach.

Shops and Bookshops

The fruit of a great achievement, available to all


The result of our study is offered also to the general public, with a network of professionals who, through museums' bookshops and specialized shops, allow to acquire frescos, canvas, wood tables in every size and with any kind of drawing you can think of, treated with the pictography method. They are unique works of art, created one by one, and enhanced by adding warm gesso and pure gold leaf 24 Kt. The consumer can afford them at an accessible price, a little “jewel”, which is a result of a complex work which starts by the studying of the painting inside the museum and afterword goes through the work cycle that reproduces exactly the ancient methods with authentic materials. All of this is able to recreate the exact esthetic sense and the same emotion as if you were in front of the original masterpiece. Whether it’s a little fresco used as an ornament or a canvas to embellish your living room, it’s aim is to transmit the same feeling of an important and beautiful artwork.