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Thursday 2 July the dialogue in Rome between Stefano Lazzari and the director of “Io, leonardo” Jesus Garces Lambert

Do you know “Io, Leonardo”, the 2019 film directed by Jesus Garces Lambert and starring Luca Argentero?

Here, in that film, an authentic journey into Leonardo’s mind, where the genius meets artists and men of power confronting himself, millions of people around the world have been able to admire our work. Works recreated through the Pictografia technique, entirely hand painted with the same techniques, methods and colors of five hundred years ago. Large reproductions for an impressive work such as the remaking of a part of the Cenacle measuring 2 x 3 meters. It took three months to complete it, thanks to the advice of prof. Pietro Marani, consultant for the film, considered one of Leonardo’s leading experts. The reconstruction of the missing parts of the work recreated through the traces that can be seen from the x-rays and the connection between the still existing parts of the garments and characters, have given life to a real masterpiece.

The Baptism of Christ, a painting, told about the journey of “Io, Leonardo.”

The work is the result of a four-handed drafting with Leonardo’s Master, Verrocchio. Giorgio Vasari wrote about it:
«Making a panel where Saint John baptized Christ, Leonardo worked an Angel, who held some clothes; and although he was a young man, he led him in such a way that Leonardo’s Angel was much better than the figures of Andrea. Which was the reason why Andrea never again wanted to touch colors, indignant that a child knew more than he did».

As it was for the docu-film on Michelangelo also in this film, art tells about art; cinema narrates the great artists as the work of Bottega Tifernate, brings the masterpieces of art history closer to the general public. These and many other works on Thursday 2 July were the protagonists of the event “In the footsteps of Caravaggio and Leonardo” which took place at the Mexican Embassy in Italy in the presence of the Ambassador SE Carlos Eugenio Garcia de Alba. A meeting lasting over two hours, which also saw the precence of Ambassador of Chile, the Ambassador of Mexico to the Vatican and the former Italian Ambassador to the United States. Mediaset and Rai broadcast journalists were present, successful directors and writers as well: a selected audience for a dialogue between Stefano Lazzari and the director of “Io, Leonardo” Jesus Garces Lambert.
At the and of the meeting, we have been gifted at the Ambassador of Mexico, the sketch created for the favorite painting of the Holy Father, the White Crucifixion by Chagall.


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