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Books and music in “Bottega” is the name of the new format created by the owners of Bottega Tifernate in Città di Castello. The company’s showroom hosted the presentation of the novel “Damned forever” by the journalist Nicola Calathopoulos on Thursday 16 September 2021.

Nicola Calathopoulous at Bottega Tifernate

Breathtaking atmosphere

The exhibition of the Tifernate activity was the meeting place of arts in all its forms. Accompanying the presentation of the new book were the musicians Fabio Battistelli and Christian Riganelli. In addition to this, the owners of the company offered tasting of typical Umbrian products.

The musicians Fabio Battistelli and Christian Riganelli

Unmissable stop for Nicola Calathopoulos

The star of the evening introducing his new mystery novel tells how it is a text that exudes love for art in all its forms. For this reason – says the writer – Umbria was an inevitable stop for the tour presentation. Between music and a confrontation with Roberto Conticelli, president of the order of Journalists Umbria, the author declares to his spectators that each of them could have been a friend of book’s protagonist.

Roberto Conticelli and Nicola Calathopoulos

A convivial event

After the presentation of the novel, while Nicola Calathopoulos signed copies of his book, the guests moved for the consumption of typical Umbrian food. Here it was possible to take part in a series of interventions held by the main excellences of the territory. Among them, we find the owners of Ceramiche Noi, Marco Brozzi and Lorenzo Giornelli, and Giuliano Martinelli of Giuliano Tartufi. There were Francesca Zamani, Azawakh (greyhounds) dog breeder, Professor Pasquale La Gola president of Tela Umbra and Professoressa Laura Teza, curator of the exhibition on Raffaello. The evening was accompanied by tasting with the sommelier Tiziana Croci.

Nicola Calathopoulos with Stefano Lazzari and Professoressa Laura Teza
Mr. Ranieri, owner of oil mill Ranieri, talk to the guests
Guests waiting for signature by Nicola Calathopoulos

Start a new format

This first meeting, singular in its kind, hit the nail on the head. Despite the pandemic situation, many people were interested in responding positively and warmly giving a unique atmosphere to the writer.

Roberto Conticelli, Nicola Calathopoulos and Stefano Lazzari


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