The Fresco

The objective was clear: to create a fresco such as was never seen before.

     In addition to the aesthetic qualities, we wanted a medium made from typical 15th-century materials that was also transportable and produced following the rules of the "buon fresco" technique.



Pictography Technique on Fresco

This is not a simple reproduction.The colours are bright and the aesthetics are identical to the original.

A Fresco never seen before, created with a technique never seen before.

While we were working on the Fresco, we imagined how nice it would be to recreate it using the "Buon Fresco" technique while maintaining the fidelity of the original image. These are two seemingly conflicting situations but our proprietary technology, Pictography, made it possible. The Fresco has a thickness of 12 mm, which makes it immune to damage due to temperature or humidity. The colour is deposited a fresco in a fresh "fine lime" base, aged for three years and then retouched by hand by expert painters who trained in our workshop. This provides an exceptional product that is unique of its kind.

A few elements in combination


 The base of the fresco is only slaked lime and sand. It is reinforced with a special netting that allows transport and is free of glues or industrial chemicals.

The Colours. Inspired by nature. 100% natural.

The use of oxide-based colours, deposited "a fresco" in a fresh "fine lime" base and seasoned three years provides unthinkable realism and makes the Fresco seem like it was painted 500 or 2000 years ago.