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Bottega Tifernate

About Us

Bottega Tifernate has been reproducing ancient and modern paintings since 1995

Bottega Tifernate is a modern artisan workshop located in Umbria, in Città di Castello. The latter was once a Roman colony and was called Tifernum Tiberinum, from which the Bottega takes its name. The city was a very important center of the Renaissance, thanks to the Vitelli family, which called to court the greatest writers, poets and painters, first of all Raphael: it is precisely on his works that we have based all our studies and work.

Our mission is to recreate the essence of a painting: that is, it is not to make a copy that is aesthetically equal to the original, but to recreate the emotion one feels in front of it. In order to be able to do this, every time we make a work, we must first study its colors, the type of support, the chalkwork, and understand the magic that makes us admire it with amazement so many centuries after its execution. This is what sets us apart from others, a continuous and uninterrupted journey to grasp the deepest secrets of the great artists of the past.

“BOTTEGA TIFERNATE” is an hidden excellence of ITALIAN enterprise in the field of “ART REPRODUCTION”! It is incredible how they can reproduce any kind of arts works, from ancient...

Gianni Baylo

It represents the best of MADE IN ITALY and worth the trip to go visit the incredible workshop with its owners and the team at work , I guarantee you will it find an amazing opportunity.

Paul Joseph Vettese

Extreme friendliness and professionalism. The painting was delivered well ahead of the estimated time. As for the work, there is little to say: perfect! The pleasure of having a work...

Nicola Rinaldi

I met Bottega di Tifernate a few years ago in Milan during a fair. The works on display aroused my interest due to the care and precision with which they were made, so I kept their...

Giovanna Capolongo

I admire her. Set in its precious frame... it speaks to me of the dedication, care, passion and love that modern skilled hands have "coagulated" on the canvas: a palpable connection...

Silvana Zani
Assessment score: 4.9 of 5 out of total Reviews 76
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Opening hours

Mon – Fri: 8 am – 4 pm
Saturday by appointment
Closed on Sunday


Via Claudio Treves, 14
06012 Città di Castello, Italy
+39 075 8511651

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