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There are thousands of artists and, with the advent of modern technology, even excellent professionals capable of reproducing any work, even on rigid media. Our Workshop, made up of a team of artists and craftsmen, has been able to apply technology to ancient, indeed forgotten, and extremely manual methods of work.

This is how PICTOGRAPHY was born, a unique, patent-protected working process that, through the use of materials and recipes from the past, allows the reproduction of works of art on their original support, with a result never seen before.

Pictography is a processing method that is the result of research work that has been going on for more than 30 years and is renewed, day after day. It was studied with the idea of recreating a painting with scientific methodology, through the use of the materials and recipes used in its creation.

Pictography thus represents a bridge between the past and the present, allowing artistic heritage to be rediscovered and preserved with an innovative method that respects traditions.

Pictography also offers a significant advantage over any reproduction technique, as it allows a base to be created for subsequent painting, with paint colors. The mechanical part of the processing is therefore non-invasive and does not compromise durability.

Whichever category of processing is chosen, including Essential, Retouch, Picta or Pura, it is based on recipes and methodologies typical of ancient artisan workshops. This is why Pictography is special and distinguishable from any other known technique: the viewer will always have the feeling of being in front of an authentic work.

Knowledge and continuous research allow us to guarantee an unparalleled aesthetic result and durability with guaranteed time and cost.

Bottega Tifernate

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Bottega Tifernate


Any project needs to take shape on paper before it is realized.Choice of works, size, materials, must dialogue while respecting the original idea. We are a group of artists, artisans, gilders and chiselers who deal with works that are always different from each other every day.We put a lot of effort in order to meet all kinds of needs, and to this end, we operate with 4 different working methodologies without ever losing sight of the mission: to recreate a work of art that can convey emotion.


“BOTTEGA TIFERNATE” is an hidden excellence of ITALIAN enterprise in the field of “ART REPRODUCTION”! It is incredible how they can reproduce any kind of arts works, from ancient...

Gianni Baylo

It represents the best of MADE IN ITALY and worth the trip to go visit the incredible workshop with its owners and the team at work , I guarantee you will it find an amazing opportunity.

Paul Joseph Vettese

Extreme friendliness and professionalism. The painting was delivered well ahead of the estimated time. As for the work, there is little to say: perfect! The pleasure of having a work...

Nicola Rinaldi

I met Bottega di Tifernate a few years ago in Milan during a fair. The works on display aroused my interest due to the care and precision with which they were made, so I kept their...

Giovanna Capolongo

I admire her. Set in its precious frame... it speaks to me of the dedication, care, passion and love that modern skilled hands have "coagulated" on the canvas: a palpable connection...

Silvana Zani
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    Bottega Tifernate


    We have different price ranges related to as many levels of workmanship: from the furniture painting to the painting to replace the original, we can meet any kind of request.

    Bottega Tifernate offers the opportunity for everyone to choose the work, medium and size; you can also decide on the type of frame and finish. There is no obstacle to owning the painting one has always wanted. From Roman Art to the present day, only imagination remains the limit.

    Bottega Tifernate

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