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With the advent of modern technologies, there are thousands of artists, and excellent professionals, capable of reproducing any kind of work. Compared to them, we have built a team of artists and craftsmen who have applied our technology (patented and original worldwide) to the ancient, forgotten and extremely manual methods. The continuous research allows us to guarantee an unparalleled aesthetic and durability result, with estimated times and costs. 

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We have developed Pictografia technique, a process inspired by the ancient artisan workshops. We recreate ARTWORKS on their original medium with the same
materials and recipes used in the past, with result never seen before.

In 30 years of activity, we have been able to create something that other brands have not achieved since the technology was applied in the arts.

Stefano e Francesca Lazzari | Founders


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Without the right solution, it is easy to follow the wrong way

Any project that is a single painting like a hotel decoration needs to take shape on paper before it is put into action. Choosing the works, measurements, materials, has to dialog with respect to the original concept. Thereafter it is important to measure costs and execution times. Without the expertise in the field and without the development of a valid team, this is not easy. We are a group of artists, craftsmen, gilders and chisellers who have worked in a different way, compared to the rest. We have worked hard to satisfy any need: since 30 years ago we serve the collector who holds the original in the Caveau and needs an exact replica or a private customer who wishes to own the desired picture. To do this, we use four different methods to recreate a painting, but we don’t losing sight of the mission: “create an artwork that knows how to give emotion to the people.”

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Since your approval, we start the work, and we update you on the state of it until delivery.


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We work by not looking at the clock but by thinking about the result. The satisfaction of our customers is our best certification.

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Thanks to the Pictografia technique, you can have the painting you love, recreated with such quality that you can relive the magic you felt in front of the original. From Cinema to Interior Design, for personal pleasure or for scientific purposes, our method is the most accurate solution you can find worldwide. Find out how thousands of satisfied customers take advantage of the possibilities offered by Pictografia technique.


Art Editions

Find out how San Paolo Patrimonio, a leading company in Italy for art editions, combines its books with Pictography, created exclusively with the use of ancient recipes and also precious materials.


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latest works

The “White Crucifixion”

Chagall’s painting recreated for the bedroom of His Holiness Pope Francis

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The film published by Sky Television for the ‘500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death, starring Luca Argentero. The Bottega Tifernate recreated the paintings and was the technical sponsor of the film as well.

“Io, Leonardo” by Sky Arte

“Raphael, the Prince of the Arts”

In our workshop were made all the paintings used in the Sky film “Raphael, the Prince of the Arts”

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