The best method to recreate a painting

Use Pictography to reproduce any work of art, without limits of images and sizes



Why you should entrust your project to Bottega Tifernate

There are thousands of artists and, with the advent of modern technology, also excellent professionals able to reproduce any work, even on rigid media. We have formed a team of artists and artisans who have been able to apply our technology (patented and unique in the world) to ancient, indeed forgotten, and extremely manual working methods. Knowledge and continuous research allow us to guarantee an aesthetic result and durability without equal time and costs.


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We have developed PICTOGRAFIA, a method inspired by ancient artisan workshops. Through the use of materials and recipes from the past, we reproduce WORKS of ART on their original support with a result never seen before.

“We’ve been able to build something in 30 years that a lot of brands haven’t gotten, since art technology existed.”

Stefano and Francesca Lazzari | Founders


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What sets us apart from others

Without the right solution, it’s easy to go the wrong way

Any project that is a single painting like the décor of a Hotel, needs to take shape on paper, before it is realized. Choice of works, dimensions, materials, must dialogue respecting the original idea. After that, you have to calculate costs and execution times and this, without the experience in the field and without the construction of a valid team is not simple: we are a group of artists, artisans, gilders and chiselers who every day face works always different from each other serving the collector who keeps the original in the Vault and wants an exact reproduction or the museum that must restore a collection with the missing works. We have worked hard to satisfy every type of need and, to this end, we operate with 4 different processing methodologies without ever losing sight of the mission: “to recreate a work of art that gives emotion”.

How we work


Make your request

Send us your project, which is a single painting like the artistic furniture of an entire complex. There are no limits to images, sizes and materials.


We do the render

From this moment we work together with you to create a free tailor-madequote, with certain costs and delivery times. That is our commitment to seriousness.


We do the work

From the moment of approval, we carry out the work, with continuous updates until delivery.


Certified Quality

We do not work by looking at the clock but thinking about the result. The satisfaction of our customers is our best certification.

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Finally you can make the painting you love,recreated with such quality that you can relive at all times the magic you felt in front of the original. In cinema as well as interior décor, for personal pleasure or for scientific purposes, Pictography is the most accurate solution you can find on the market. Learn how thousands of satisfied customers take advantage of pictography’s possibilities.

Art Editions

See how San Paolo Patrimonio, a leading company in Italy for art editions, combines its books with Pictografia, made exclusively with the use of ancient recipes and also precious materials.